Duration: 2 days

Presence is the quality that gives freshness to each moment of our existence. When it is not there, there is something missing to everything we do. Being one with oneself, undivided, is an experience everyone had. Basic qualities we are aware of then are easiness, simplicity, spontaneity, creativity, harmony. It seems such moments come and go unexpectedly and the more we want them to last, they fade away.

How to practice presence?

On this workshop we inquire and learn how to connect to our qualities in everyday life with awareness, how to approach everyday life as our oppotrunity for presence and hot to connect to spontaneity and authenticity, some of natural qualities of our center.

We get to know our own resources and meditation techniques that support us into dealing with habits that stand in the way of our growth. In very practical ways, we go into inquiring and bringing light into mental patterns that interfere and we practice attention and presence.

When we are present and total in what we do, we hav eno need to be better than we are or compare ourselves with others, contentment and peace radiate from what we do and we are in harmony with ourselves.

Workshop is open to everybody, no matter the experience.

Facilitated by Dražen Pramod Šivak