Duration: up to 60 min

How often have you started the day anxious and full of judgement, which feels familiar? How often have you said to yourself, will I succeed? How often have you felt a weight on your shoulders, nervous tension in the stomach, and a voice in your head that says…  I should have done it differently or I should have done it better…?

This voice is the Inner Judge, or Super-ego. It was developed in our childhood and is still active. We are usually unaware of it’s activity, but we are certainly aware of its consequences: feelings of guilt, insecurity, unworthiness, inability to connect to our energy – these are just some of the symptoms of this inner critic’s attack.

Through becoming aware of this inner conflict, learning how to defend our self, we reconnect with our own resources and vitality. As we break free from feeling guilty and unworthy, we develop trust and begin to experience our intrinsic inner value.  We start discovering our true nature. We start discovering the joy of belonging to life and life belonging to us.

When we achieve this understanding, we know through experiencing it first-hand that we are in the right place, and are all right as we are. This opens up a possibility of choices in the moment, rather than choices made from fear or compromise.  Our choices are instead made out of trust in life and an availability for the New.

Facilitated by Dražen Pramod Šivak

Sessions can also be done via Skype.