Duration: 3 days

In the past when we have asked ourselves ‘who am I?’ we have looked for answers in books and asked others…

In these three days we find the answer to this existential question in ourselves, through the direct experience of being in the present moment.

In the Awareness Intensive, the traditional Zen method of sitting facing a wall is combined with modern communication techniques facing the other. In that way, through support of another’s presence, we open ourselves to our own resources, and greater perceptivity and understanding.  Discovering ourselves in a different light, we see our life in a new perspective. As we connect to inner clarity and strength, our trust in our potential grows. 

This process can bring experience and understanding that initiate core changes to your life.  The process is also supported by active meditations.

The process is highly structured, fully residential with all meals.

Facilitated by Dražen Pramod Šivak



Duration: 7 days

The quest for Who is in? and Who am I? is as old as humanity. These questions are the core questions of every human being – no matter if man or woman, young or old, stupid or clever, seeker or businessman.

All other questions used in the Awareness Intensive Retreat are aspects of these 2 master key questions – such as: What is life, love, freedom, consciousness, another, sexuality, truth, relaxation? – to name a few.

No intellectual answer will help. You need to go into these questions and experience them directly. Relaxation, trust, love, openness for oneself and others will grow simultaneously with understanding.

In the Awareness Intensive Retreat, the ancient Zen technique of facing the wall in silence is combined with the modern technique of structured communication facing a partner. Opening yourself in the presence of another person supports the incentive for the inquiry into who you truly are.

“It takes great maturity to learn to accommodate both our greater potential and our neurosis.” 

Dzigar Kongtruel

What do I get out of it?

As you move inside, the connection to your resources gets strengthened. You experience an infinite pool of creativity and Being. You gain courage to live life and your potential more fully.

Apart from the obvious benefits of being in the moment, there are many others hidden in this process such as:

- learning to listen

- learning to see and feel yourself and others

- experiencing the uniqueness and the ways of Being and learn to give space to yourself and others

- getting to know and speak your truth independently of the image you carry

- experiencing relaxation and joy which manifest as you connect with yourself.

The process is highly structured, fully residential with all meals.

Facilitated by Ganga Cording