Hypnotherapy is a very efficient form of helping us becoming aware of causes of our habits, fears, anxieties and beliefs that influence our everyday life, preventing us living a fulfilled, healthy and free life.

Our so called conscious mind is very active: it revolves, analizes, plans, rationalizes, compares and judges. Still, it takes only 5% of our mind, while the rest of it, 95%, is occupied by our unconscious mind. There we find a collective of all our past experiences, especially those very early ones (even before birth), connected to our autonomous nervous system that is, beside many body functions, associated to our emotional reacting, as well. It contains a range of patterns, beliefs, conditioned behaviours, reactivities and convictions that literally control our everyday life. Therefore, it is understandable that many of our «conscious» decisions on small or big changes in our lives are sabotaged and remain unsuccessful, no matter how much we want them.

Still, it is also known that it is possible to change these specific patterns born in the past, directing our unconscious mind towards a healthy, balanced and fulfilled life.

Instead of working with the conscious, active mind, as in classic psychotherapy, hypnotherapy communicates with the unconscious through a state of deep relaxation, thus initiating changes at the very root.

No matter whether it deals with everyday issues or major life situations, hypnotherapeutic work is a device of great support that connects us to our resources and inner potential.

It deals with stress in a very efficient way, increases self-confidence, feeling of tranquility and relaxation.

Hypnotherapy session contains a talk that helps defining a desired goal, as well as different techniques of very pleasant relaxation. It resembles most to a guided relaxation and it takes place in an atmosphere of safety and trust.

The number of sessions needed varies from one individual to another, still, it goes from 3- 7 sessions.